Secure your Future career in tech

Planning your future career can be daunting, with so many options to explore its difficult to know which is best for you. At sja training you can arrange a quick phone conversation with a specialist to help discover what course is right for you. 

Online learning vs. university

In a world that has previously depended on university degrees to get a boost into the perfect career, we want to remind you that it is no longer your only option, or even if you’ve completed a degree however no longer want to pursue a career in that sector online courses are a great way to develop your skills. For those who want or need to begin earning as soon as possible, an online course can be completed alongside any job. You will be fully supported by course mentors to keep you on track and offer guidance whenever needed.  

Designed with your career in mind

At IT Career Swap we offer courses within the areas of coding, cyber security, IT and project management. These are 4 of the most sustainable career paths in the job market with the demand increasing year on year. This means employers are actively looking for skilled professionals with these certifications to fill their vacancies. 

The online courses are constantly updated by professionals in the field, ensuring that everything is relevant and up to date with employer demands. They are designed to bring you the confidence to apply all the knowledge you learn within a real-life professional situation. 

In addition to having courses designed around employability, and guaranteeing an interview upon completion we also offer a tailored career service whereby a professional will work alongside you to help create a great CV, cover letter and LinkedIn profile. Alongside these guides, you also have a personalised consultation with a career expert to offer unique insights and advice into how to reach your career goals. This is a massive opportunity and we are proud to say is currently unrivalled by other online learning providers.

Which course is right for you?

This isn’t something that can be decided for you, everyone is different with there own goals and career plans. That’s why we have the options to book a call with one of our experts to have a chat about your future.

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