What does it really mean to ‘invest’ in yourself?

When it comes to investments, one of the best you can do is invest in yourself. But all too often investing on ourselves is a low priority item; something we think about doing someday it is often pushed to the back of a long to-do list. Time and money are among the top reasons that we give for putting off things that would enrich our lives. But while it’s true that you may not have a lot of extra time or money lying around, it’s important to realize that often, we cite those reasons not because we really afford it or couldn’t find the time for it. but instead, because we fail to recognize the real value in investing in ourselves.

Invest in your body

Your body is your vessel, the way in which you get to experience the world! It’s a no-brainer that you should be taking good care of it. However, working out and eating healthy are the first things to go out of the door when we’re busy or stressed. When you take a good look at that, it’s totally counter-productive. If you’re stressed out, do you know what would help? Yes, exercising. Exercise is scientifically proven to be good for your mental health, but you already knew that.

But, did you know that exercise can also help to build your mental resilience? Otherwise known as ‘bounce-back-ability’, resilience refers to the practice of pushing through hard times and physical barriers. When the reps are getting really really hard, just push for one more. By repeatedly pushing yourself that little bit further, you’ll find that you apply resilience in all aspects of your life.

Invest in your mind

Meditation, yoga, breathing practises. It’s not a load of mumbo-jumbo. Meditation has many positive benefits, including reduced stress levels, better mental health, self-awareness, better attention span, improved memory, better sleep and lower blood pressure. It’s basically a short cut. Mindfulness is also a great way to get back in touch with yourself. Much of mindfulness is based on meditation practices – good breathing, self-awareness and stress management. It’s also been suggested that regular mindfulness and meditation practice can help your immune system – and who doesn’t want to avoid the sniffles?

Invest in your career

Whilst experience is an excellent teacher, it isn’t the fastest route to success. In this instance, it might not even be about the money.  If you’re constantly grinding in a job that you hate, no amount of experience or money is going to make you feel better about it. Life’s too short to stick at something you ‘tolerate’… so what do you love?

Retraining is actually a process of self-improvement and shouldn’t be seen as giving up on what you’re currently doing. Better qualifications give you more confidence and can help you fulfil a need within an industry. By filling that need, you’ll be appreciated and sought-after – which will obviously make you feel happier, needed and (probably) better paid.


If you’re on the fence about a new venture or opportunity that would enrich your life, don’t pass it up, telling yourself that you’ll do it “someday.” There will never be a time in life where we’re not busy or don’t have other things to spend money on. Instead, ask yourself if it’s something that you’ll enjoy or something that you’d like to try. If the answer is yes, then go for it! Don’t let anything hold you back. You’ll be able to reap both immediate as well as future rewards when you make that investment in yourself, whatever it may be.

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