The Top 10 Habits Of Successful People

Avoiding burnout is crucial when you are pushing yourself to excel in a career you love. But how can you reduce stress without hindering the pace of your progression? 

In this blog, we list the top ten habits of successful employees. Adopting them will help you to maintain your well-being whilst progressing in your career.

1. Build A Relationship With Your Bosses

Building a good relationship with your line manager, the senior management team, and the board of directors is vital. Having a strong relationship means it is more likely that you will have the ear of those above you, making getting approvals for projects swifter and also giving your work more visibility. If your successes are seen and celebrated by your bosses, it is much easier to progress.

2. Learn The Language Of Other Departments

Different departments within a business have different ways of talking. Learning the jargon and buzzwords of the other departments will go a long way. Knowing the language which resonates with stakeholders across the business will help you get things done quicker and more efficiently.

3. Give Co-Workers and Tasks Your Full Attention

Giving each task you receive and every person you speak to your full attention increases your focus, improves communication, and makes you more efficient.

If possible, avoid constantly switching between tasks. When juggling lots of different tasks, it is unlikely that you will be able to complete each one to the best of your ability. But the quickest route to success is to focus on, and complete, one task at a time.

4. Ask Questions

When briefed on a task, productive people ask questions and interrogate the brief. This gives you the full picture before you jump in and get started on the work. This will make your output better and avoid having to make a lot of amends.

5. Think Ahead

Be proactive and always think one step ahead. If you can see a potential issue that could come up next week on a project, let your bosses know ahead of time. Predicting and serving the needs of the business proactively is an invaluable quality. But make sure that you present a solution to the issue, rather than just raising it.

6. Support Others

Show your leadership qualities and that you’re a team player by always offering your support to co-workers. Also, if you support others to achieve shared business aims, your whole team’s productivity will increase and you will build good relationships!

7. Be a Brand Ambassador

Successful people are passionate brand ambassadors, both inside and outside of the workplace. Share business successes on both your own personal social media and by word of mouth. Your bosses will notice if you live and breathe the brand.

8. Focus On Solutions, Not Issues

Whenever you raise an issue with your managers, ensure you pair it with a solution. Being a problem solver increases productivity and shows you are a strategic thinker, rather than just solely raising issues. 

9. Record And Share Successes

Whether it is positive feedback from a client or a sales uplift that you can attribute to your efforts, record your achievements. Sharing your successes with the wider business in team catch-ups or via appropriate channels is a great way to raise your profile within the business. Don’t be afraid to shine!

10. Learn From Successful Co-Workers

Learn from people around you who are being promoted. How do they approach their role? What have they been working on over the last year? What positive work habits can you emulate? It’s not with comparing yourself to them on a personal level, but you can take the opportunity to learn from them. 

Adopting these practices can improve your productivity, and make you more effective in your role. If you are striving for your next promotion, we hope our tips will help you work smarter and build positive work habits will help you to progress in your career.

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